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Graphics Devoted to British Actors
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Around Live Journal you will come across specialised communities for certain actors. Some are more popular than others and some are very rarely posted in. This community was created to acknowledge the best actors that Britain has to offer through the creation of graphics.

1. Only people with some decent level of skill in graphics making will be able to post. This isnt meant to be an elitest group but we would like to keep some level of quality. If you wish to become a member then please read this post. This community is open to watch but only those who wish to post graphics will become members so apply for access and if you are accepted then head here to pick up your invite. Please dont try to join the community if you havnt had an invite. Fuck that! This is no longer an elitist community! You got icons of British actors you want to share then share them! :-D

2. All graphics posted should be of British Actors only. This is surely the most obvious rule.

3. All posts (excluding any official posts by the maintainers) must contain at least 3 icons or graphics (preferably more). This way the journal doesnt get cluttered with daily posts of just one icon. Keep hold of your graphics and only post once a week if thats what it takes.

4. ALL large icon posts and non icon graphics (such as friends only banners, wallpapers and signature bars) must be placed behind a cut. Feel free to post up to 3 icons without a cut!.

5. Take pride in your work. If your thinking "these are rubbish but I feel like posting them anyway.." then dont post them!

6. If you have any problems regarding the community then please contact one of the mods for help.



If you want to link to this community you can either use a text link like this: best_british or you can use one of these buttons:


grrliz_icons // rs_chorus // garycons

If you wish to affilate with this graphics community then please comment on this post

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